More than 155,000 trees have now been saved by Organic Meltdown chocolate lovers.

For every bar of Organic Meltdown that’s eaten, a tree in a tropical rainforest is preserved…helping to conserve valuable habitats and the creatures that live there.

During National Chocolate Week, it’s been announced that just over 155,000 trees have now been saved by Organic Meltdown in conjunction with the World Land Trust.

The target is 5 million trees by 2012.

Each wrapper of each bar of Organic Meltdown carries a unique number which corresponds to its very own tree, and chocolate-lovers are encouraged to log onto and register their number to find out where ‘their’ tree is situated.

Matt Hunt, director at Brand Stand Ltd who created Organic Meltdown, said: “We’re delighted that we have saved more than 155,000 trees in Ecuador so far, and hope that our recently launched new flavours and new look will prove even more popular with chocolate lovers and help us save even more trees.”

Available in four mouth-watering flavours, Organic Meltdown chocolate is made using carefully selected Fairtrade ingredients from Ecuador, Madagascar and Peru, and is a premium organic range.

Choose from Swiss dark chocolate with candied orange (58% cocoa), Swiss milk chocolate with hazelnuts and currants (33% cocoa), Swiss dark chocolate (71% cocoa) and Swiss milk chocolate (33% cocoa).

Organic Meltdown chocolate is available in Waitrose and independent stores, delis and other outlets across the UK, priced from £1.99.

Visit for details.