A farmyard of beers is now on sale at Croots Farm Shop & Kitchen after the addition of Ewe Drink and Cow Juice.

The Derbyshire farm shop introduced two of its own branded ales earlier this year after teaming up with Nutbrook Brewery.

Pig in a Bottle and Croots Shire Ale have become best sellers at the farm shop in Duffield, which offers a selection of regional beers.

Now owner Steve Croot has designed and commissioned two more farmyard-related ales to add to the collection, which have just gone on sale.

“I’m a real ale fan myself and it was great to create these beers especially for the farm shop,” said Steve. “Customers are really keen on the Pig in a Bottle and Croots Shire Ale, so I decided to add to the collection and create two more beers that are named after farmyard characters.”

The Ewe Drink (3.6%) is a full and surprisingly sweet beer with a rich golden colour. Its crisp taste and slightly floral aroma makes it a different, refreshing beer. Cow Juice (6%) is brewed in a traditional way using sugars also found in milk, which gives a full-bodied, thicker taste. With familiar roasted stout flavours, it has a warm soothing flavour.

The farmyard beers brewed by West Hallam-based Nutbrook Brewery cost £2.45 per bottle.

Croots is a supporter of local producers and sells items from more than 30 suppliers across the region, including regional breweries.

For more information about Croots visit http://www.croots.co.uk/