Nottingham yoga expert Andy Thomas is helping to raise money for children in Kenya with his latest book Yoga. How and Why it Works.

Proceeds from Andy’s book will go to the Calvary Zion Children’s Home in Mombassa, which is building a new, more comfortable home for abandoned or orphaned youngsters.

Andy, 64, is the founder of the Nottinghamshire-based Shanti Yoga School, which has trained dozens of yoga teachers since it was launched six years ago and now runs courses in West Bridgford and Colwick. From yoga, Andy has condensed or distilled the full movement method of therapy which is also taught.

The therapist has written three previous books, Message in the Body, Deep Yoga and Deep Yoga, Deep Healing, which have so far helped to raise nearly £2,000 for the Kenyan children’s home.

His fourth book Yoga. How and Why it Works is a detailed examination of the reason for the effectiveness of yoga as a system of physical, mental and spiritual cultivation.

Yoga. How and Why it Works is ideal for the serious yoga practitioner, the serious interested student and the teacher,” said Andy, who lives in West Bridgford and who has also used the Full Movement Method as a basis for treating thousands of patients for muscle and joint pain, including international sportsmen and women, musicians, and actors, as well as accident victims.

“I am really pleased that sales of my new book will continue to help orphaned and abandoned kids living at the children’s home in Mombassa.”

Yoga. How and Why it Works is published by Arima Publishing and is available from Amazon priced £9.95.