Here at Perfect 10 PR, we were delighted to see that the reviewers at Cook Vegetarian magazine share our opinion about how tasty Anila’s products are.

In the March 2010 edition of the magazine, Anila’s Handmade Lemon Pickle is one of three pickles chosen for review in the Tried & Tasted feature on condiments.

‘A real surprise for the palate,’ ‘it packs a real punch’ and ‘invigorating and unusual’ were just some of the terms used to describe the delicious pickle.

Don’t just take their word for it though, visit and try for yourself!

The Handmade Lemon Pickle is one of 16 varieties of mouth-watering ‘handmade’ chutneys, pickles and dips, which are made with single fruits and vegetables, and eight curry sauces produced by Anila’s.