Bakery innovators Butt Foods Ltd now has a national distribution network that runs from Land’s End to John O’Groats.

The Nottingham-based company, which produces a range of different bakery products including its new Big Softy sub roll range, Breadies bread bowls and Mazhar ethnic breads, has joined forces with a number of distribution wholesalers.

The final links in the chain were added after Butt Foods Ltd reported big success at this year’s Food and Drink Expo.

“We had a great Food and Drink Expo 2010, with tremendous interest in our existing products and also in our ability to innovate and create new products for the market,” said Ray Belcher, sales executive at Butt Foods Ltd.

“Demand for our new Big Softy sub roll range has grown at an extremely fast pace, reflecting the popularity of soft sub rolls with consumers. It’s shown 50% quarter on quarter growth. We are delighted that the Big Softy sub roll range and our other products are now available to virtually all food service operators, wherever they are in the UK.”

Butt Foods Ltd, which distributes through a national network of wholesale distributors to many thousands of pubs, sandwich bars, cafés, universities and other outlets, offers its Big Softy sub roll range in boxes of 30, with each box containing six bags of five fully-baked, frozen sub rolls to cater for operators of all sizes.

Baked in foot-long moulds and also available in 8 inch sizes, the Big Softy sub roll is available in five flavours – plain white, plain brown, semolina topped white, honey and oats topped brown, and cheese and herb topped white.

Major distributors of Butts Foods products are: JJ Foodservice, Hopwells Foodservice, Castell Howell Foods, Windsor Foodservice Ltd, Lomond Foods, Pioneer Foodservice, Hunts Foodservice, Phillip Dennis Foodservice, Lynas Foodservice, Ewood Foods, Holdsworth Foods, Reids Foodservice Ltd and Leacroft Foodservice Ltd.

Butt Foods Ltd was founded in 1990 and has won a number of awards for its products, including one at IFE07 (the International Food and Drink Event) and a Home Grown Cereals Authority Enterprise Award for its bread bowl in 2005.

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