Choose a dinner party gift with a difference and opt for something original like a speciality or premium coffee from Cherizena.

The Leicestershire-based coffee specialist has a range of top quality coffees that make perfect presents for hosts…..and are much more imaginative than chocolates or flowers.

Among Cherizena’s most popular speciality coffees are Cuban Cubita, Ipanema Single Estate, and Pure Jamaican Blue.

“We’re seeing an increasing trend for guests to choose something imaginative to take with them when they go to a dinner party, and Cherizena’s premium coffees make the perfect gift,” said Kate Jones, of Cherizena. “They can be shared at the end of a dinner party, but can also be brought out again at future gatherings or enjoyed whenever the mood for coffee hits.”

Cherizena offers up to 30 single origin coffees and 20 different flavoured varieties of coffee.

It sources premium, rare and speciality coffees, as well as creating its own range of superb flavoured coffees. These popular flavoured coffees are produced by hand in small batches, using high-grade Colombian beans and the finest of flavours.

The entire flavoured range is available as regular or decaffeinated coffee. Favourite flavours include Almond Amaretto, Irish Whiskey Cream and After Dinner Mint Chocolate coffees.

Cherizena buys coffee beans direct from farmers in Brazil, Ethiopia and other countries, and then processes and flavours them at Cherizena’s premises at Wartnaby, near Melton Mowbray.

Cherizena coffee is available mail order from