Coffee lovers can choose to add a bit of zing to their favourite cuppa or to mellow out following the launch of two new flavours from specialist producer Cherizena Coffee.

Grand Marnier brings you coffee with all the orange flavour and aroma of Cherizena’s favourite liqueur, but without the alcohol.

Meanwhile Café Crème has a subtle creamy flavour, making it ideal for a relaxing dairy-free treat.

Both are made using Columbian beans, and available as beans or ground, and as regular or decaff.

The new flavours cost £3 for 125g and have been added to around 30 single-origin coffees and blends, and 20 flavoured varieties on offer from Leicestershire-based Cherizena.

The firm is a leading UK specialist producer of coffee, and sources premium, rare and speciality coffees, as well as creating its own range of superb flavoured coffees.

Cherizena supplies direct to customers by mail order through its website

To find out more visit the website or call 01664 820111. Post and packing costs from £2.

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