Sherwood Truck and Van, the East Midlands-based commercial vehicle group, has won a contract to supply ten trucks to worldwide tool giant Snap-on.

Referring to their vans as mobile tool stores, Snap-on franchisees market and sell a range of 19,000 interchangeable sockets, spanners and other components to engineering professionals.

As well as being a tool store, each van has a personal computer system so franchisees can run their business from the vehicle, which means vehicles must be able to cope with a heavy payload.

Now the group has ordered ten new EcoDaily 70C17 trucks from Sherwood Truck and Van, based in South Normanton, Derbyshire, and with sites in Nottingham, Stoke and Sheffield.

“Our franchisees spend almost all their working days in their vehicles,” said Robert Stevens, Snap-on’s UK franchise manager.

“They appreciate something that drives like a car, is easy to handle, sits comfortably on the road and looks after them in comfort and safety. Unlike truck-style products, the Daily does all this – and gives us a seven-tonne gross weight that more than accommodates a Snap-on tool store body.

“Our business is nationwide so we needed a dealer who could work with us and our existing suppliers.

“Sherwood pitched to us on the practicality of the EcoDaily, but then supported this with the strongest promise of customer service and ongoing support. And with all ten vehicles now in service, we’re more than happy with the reality of that promise.”

Snap-on’s history dates from the 1920s in the USA and began trading in the UK in 1965. It now has a network of 430 franchisees in this country – part of a total of 4,700 operating in more than 150 countries.

Sherwood Truck and Van regional director Helen Waterfall said: “Snap-on franchisees ask a lot of their vehicles but we were more than happy to supply the EcoDaily with our promise of customer care and after-sales service.

“Snap-on has built partnerships with suppliers all over the world and Sherwood Truck and Van is pleased to have become a part of that.”

Sherwood is a leading supplier of new and used commercial vehicles, established in 1978. The company also maintains, services and repairs commercial vehicles across Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, South Yorkshire, Staffordshire and most of Cheshire. It is part of the Guest Motors Group of Companies.

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