Two new flavours of award-winning healthy olive snack OLOVES are being unveiled this summer.

Lemony Lover and Hot Chilli Mama are being launched to complement the Tasty Mediterranean and Light Hearted Vinaigrette flavours of OLOVES that are already available.

Sold in 30g packs, OLOVES are a handy, on-the-go snacking alternative to crisps and nuts.

With around 50 calories per pack and suitable for vegetarians and vegans, as well as being Kosher approved, OLOVES come in a foil-fresh, liquid-free pack.

The new flavours are ideal for independent stores, health food shops, and specialist retailers, as well as pubs, sandwich bars and coffee shops looking to offer something special in their snacking sections.

Lemony Lover is a zesty blend of lemon pieces, oregano and a hint of garlic. Red Hot Chilli Mama is a fiery mix of red hot habanero chillis and lemon pieces.

They have been designed to complement the Tasty Mediterranean flavour – the perfect marinated olives with a pinch of basil and garlic – and the Light Hearted Vinaigrette flavour, which features green olives marinated in a vinaigrette dressing.

Each pack of OLOVES contains 12-14 naturally tasty pitted olives.

All four flavours are available in pre-packed hanging strips …ideal to attract impulse buys.

The snacks come in shelf-ready boxes of 10 and bulk boxes of 300, with the option for pre-loaded hanging strips. Recommended retail price for a single pack of OLOVES is 0.89p to £1 in shops.

OLOVES have proved popular in travel catering and are stocked on several airlines including Virgin Atlantic, United Airlines and Thomas Cook. They have won four awards – including the equivalent of an Oscar after picking up a Mercury Award from the International Travel Catering Association (ITCA).

They are also ideal for vending.

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