The Lincolnshire office of Focus Consultants is marking a milestone after completing work on almost 4,000 social housing units.

Since the Lincolnshire office opened 12 years ago, the practice has been involved in social housing schemes across the county and beyond – stretching north of the Humber and into Norfolk and Leicestershire.

Providing a range of services from energy assessments to the employer’s agent/contract administration role, Focus Consultants has worked on social housing projects that include both small-scale schemes and larger developments.

Now the firm is currently involved in a development of 66 social housing homes in Louth and is poised to start work on 35 homes in Grimsby, where Focus will be the employer’s agent, CDM co-ordinator, Party Wall Act surveyor and is taking care of the energy assessments.

“We have worked with both developers and registered providers on social housing schemes across Lincolnshire and beyond, and were pleased to see just how many individual homes we had been involved in when we looked into it recently,” said Trevor Newton, partner at Focus Consultants’ Lincolnshire offices.

Focus Consultants, which has offices at Endeavour Park, Boston, and Aubourn, Lincoln, offers a range of construction and property services, including project management, surveying, design, party wall services, energy and environmental assessments, CDM co-ordinator, contract administration and employer’s agent.

As well as two Lincolnshire offices, the company has teams in Nottingham, Leicester and London.

The Lincolnshire offices – founded in 2000 – estimated that its staff had helped in the delivery process for 3,900 social housing units over the past 12 years, mainly in the county.

As well as providing construction and property services, Focus Consultants has a national track record of excellence in a range of areas.

Since its creation in 1994, Focus has secured over £800 million of grant assistance, and delivered well over £1 billion worth of projects and programmes – including enterprise support, innovation, culture, health, regeneration, affordable homes and energy carbon sustainability projects.

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