A new and exciting dining experience is coming to
Leicester…for four weeks only.
The Obar in Braunstone Gate is launching a pop-up smokehouse
kitchen on November 7th featuring authentic smoked dishes.
The menu for The (Pop up) Smokehouse @ The Obar has been
created by chef Liam Watson, who will be using an authentic grill imported from
the States and smoking meats for up to 14 hours.
“The grill can happily smoke ten or 12 racks of ribs or a
whole suckling pig,” explained Liam. “We use meat from local, traditionally
bred Gloucester Old Spot and Long White pigs. Both are old English breeds
famous for their flavour and succulence.
“We will cook our meat over hickory and oak pellets, to
build a balanced smokey flavour. This, together with our signature spicy rub
and the long slow cooking process of up to 14 hours, creates the tenderest,
tastiest piece of meat you’ll ever eat.”
The (Pop Up) Smokehouse @ The Obar will be housed in the
upstairs room at The Obar, and is designed to add something new to the dining scene
not just in Braunstone Gate but in the city of Leicester.
“Smoked food is very much on trend at the moment but we believe
that this authentic approach to smoking food could be a first for Leicester,”
said Lauren Pepper, general manager at the Obar.
“In true pop-up style, the restaurant will be open for a
limited time only so it’s a case of ‘catch it while you can’.”
The Obar is part of the independent Orange Tree Group of
pubs and bars in Leicester, which also runs The Orange Tree in High Street, The
Lansdowne in London Road, and The Basement in Wellington Street.
Liam, 25, who has experience of
working in rosette standard kitchens, and is usually based at The Lansdowne, will
be smoking meat, vegetables and cheese. He has developed his own blend of
salts, dried herbs and spices for red meats, and another for poultry and fish.
“I use these to dry cure the
meats, drawing out the moisture and breaking down the proteins, and then when
it comes to cooking, these flavours are easily drawn in,” he explained.
“The smoking processes work
particularly well on vegetables too, such as fennel, aubergines and carrots, so
we will have options for vegetarians, as well as interesting side dishes.
“We thought it would be fun to
offer something experimental and something unique. One of the reasons it is
unique is that it is quite a challenge to achieve these techniques and flavours
– some meats will be rubbed, cured, smoked and prepared for days before they
are brought to the plate. This concept is an exciting one for us and perfect
for a pop-up model, seen mostly in London, but unique to Leicester we believe.”
Liam, who has been a chef since he
was 18, has created a number of signature dishes, including pork ribs (St Louis
cut) with an Obar rub & bbq glaze and 14-hour pulled pork and pulled pork
chilli con carne.
All dishes at The Smokehouse can
be complemented with perfectly matched crafts beers available at The Obar.
The (Pop up) Smokehouse @ The Obar will be open from 6pm to
9.30/10pm Monday to Saturday and from 2pm to 7pm (tbc) on Sundays. For
bookings, telephone 0115 255 8223 or email obar@orangetree.co.uk
For more information visit www.facebook.com/thesmokehouseleicester
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