A UK-based company which has developed an exciting new brew
in a bag product that turns tap water into beers, ciders and wines is
continuing its expansion plans by searching for overseas partners ahead of the
launch of additional products in the range. 
Moonshine Drinks – an award-winning new and unique
brew-at-home product with a worldwide patent – is revolutionising the market for
creating drinks at home.   
Last Autumn the firm launched with a three-strong range of
beers which are produced simply by adding water to the Moonshine bag to create
quality, naturally brewed beer in around two weeks.
With growing UK sales and current interest in more than ten
countries, a range of ciders and wines is planned for launch in Autumn 2014….
using the same ‘just add water’ technique.
Now Moonshine Drinks is looking for partners outside the UK
to distribute the growing product range or even produce locally under licence
in more distant markets. 
“As we prepare to launch into the next phase, this is a
perfect time for overseas distributors to talk to Moonshine Drinks,” said Moonshine
Drinks’ Richard Worrall. “We are now looking for retail or distribution
partners who could generate sales outside the UK on a distribution or
production licence basis.” 
The Moonshine beer bags are currently being sold in the UK
through premium retailer Lakeland and via upmarket garden centres and stores,
with about 300 outlets now stocking the product. The range includes: 
  • Cheesemakers
    – a lighter, golden ale with a hoppy flavour
  • Four
    Candles – a medium bitter, traditional malty British ale
  • Dark
    Adder – a dark beer akin to a mild with a subtle liquorice flavour

All brew to about 4.2% ABV strength and are ready to drink
around two weeks after the brewing process begins and last a further month.
Each brew-at-home-system comes in a striking, space-saving tube, which contains
a brewing bag with malt extract inside, a sachet of ‘Moondust’
(yeast/nutrients), a yellow brewing cap and instructions for use. 

The products pre-brew are inert, non-alcoholic (and
therefore do not require a special licence to be sold) and have a year’s shelf
life. Also suitable for vegetarians, they contain natural ingredients and are
simple and fun to brew. The Moonshine beers produce 25 pints or about 14 litres
of beer from just one bag and are the easiest way to produce craft beer at
Two ciders (apple and perry/pear) and three wines (white
Pinot Grigio, rosé Zinfandel and red Cabernet Sauvignon) are due to be
launched in the Autumn to give a full range of drinks. 
The product, which was developed by Moonshine Drinks Ltd in
conjunction with experts at The University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent
University, was awarded an innovation award from the Food and Drink iNet during
its development. 
The Moonshine team works with one of the world’s leading
malt suppliers, Muntons, to create the individual mix of ingredients which are
the basis for such superb drinks. 
Distributors or potential producers who fit the bill and can
potentially work with Moonshine Drinks should contact Richard Worrall on richard@moonshinedrinks.co.uk
for more information. 
Press release issued by Perfect 10 PR www.perfect10pr.co.uk