BSP Consulting MD David Sumner is climbing Mount Kilimanjaro for charity next month.
David will be part of a 30-strong group of people tackling the highest free-standing mountain in the world.

“Not only will it be an immense physical challenge to climb a peak that is 19,341 feet above sea level, it will also be an extremely personal one because I am undertaking it to raise money for two causes that are very close to my heart,” said David, who heads up the East Midlands-based civil and structural engineering firm that he co-founded in 1999. 
“My wife Pat has been living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) for around 20 years. My aim is to support research into this debilitating condition – in particular, research that is looking at repairing myelin. Myelin is the coating surrounding the nerve fibres of the central nervous system. In MS it is destroyed, which interferes with the transmission of nerve signals and triggers the wide-ranging symptoms of multiple sclerosis.”
David is climbing with three fellow members of Plumtree Cricket Club – Steve Daft, Patrick Shortt and Tony Westbrook – and the challenge will kickstart fundraising for an appeal to develop a second ground at Plumtree in Nottinghamshire, so the club can provide the best facilities for disabled cricketers and encourage more young players, and those who are less able, to take part in the game.
“I am passionate about cricket. I have been lucky to have played the sport since I was a schoolboy, and I would like to encourage those who are less able or less fortunate to enjoy and play cricket too,” added David.
BSP Consulting has its headquarters at Oxford Street, Nottingham, and branches in Derby, Leicester and Sheffield. It operates across the UK, providing a comprehensive range of services to all sectors of the construction industry from architects, project managers and contractors to developers and estate agents. 
The links to the two causes that David is raising money for are and 

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