Homes resident Michelle
Polglase was one very
satisfied customer after receiving an unexpected bonus when she filled in her
customer satisfaction survey following work carried out at her home by J
contractor is undertaking investment work valued at more than £30 million to Ashfield
District Council’s housing stock in a five-year programme for Ashfield Homes
As part of
its follow up work, the Nottingham-based company asks residents to fill in a
customer satisfaction form when improvements have been carried out at their homes
– with the chance to win a shopping voucher prize once a quarter.
And the
first lucky resident to win £50 Love to Shop vouchers since the Ashfield Homes
project got underway was Michelle, who recently had a new heating system
installed at her home in Percival Crescent, Sutton in Ashfield.
left to right, are J Tomlinson resident liaison officer Elizabeth Buckingham, Michelle Polglase, J Tomlinson
project manager Julian Wright, and tenant liaison officer at Ashfield Homes
Misty McGrath.
J Tomlinson,
which provides a range of integrated building solutions across the East
Midlands, West Midlands and Yorkshire, is undertaking improvement work to
thousands of homes in the Ashfield area, which includes replacement kitchens,
bathrooms, central heating systems, electrical installations, roof coverings,
windows and external doors.

Homes manages Ashfield District Council’s rented housing stock of about 6,900
properties, and the work is being carried out right across Ashfield.
Press release issued by Nottingham based PR company Perfect 10 PR