Haughton Honey’s new 900g pot of honey
Premium honey brand Haughton Honey has launched a new 900g pot of delicious raw honey.
It is believed to be the first brand of raw British honey to be widely available in such a size of container, which is very popular within mainland Europe, and holds the equivalent of two and a half jars of their well-known 340g honey product.
The new tub has been launched in response to popular demand, and is aimed at consumers who would otherwise normally purchase two or three jars for their own use.
“Our honey monsters can’t seem to get enough of Haughton Honey, so we’re making it easier for them to buy the raw honey in larger quantities,” said Haughton Honey founder Crispin Reeves. “Initial interest from customers in our new, larger pots at recent food and drink festivals has been exceptional.”
The company, based at Radmore Farm, Haughton, near Tarporley, in Cheshire, bottles raw honey which comes straight from the hive, is cold extracted and never pasteurised which means that it retains all of the natural enzymes and proteins that make English honey so special. It is also 100% natural and pure and features traces of dandelion, chestnut, blackberry, clover and other wildflowers.
Launched in 2014, Haughton Honey is expected to pack and sell more than 16,000 kg of raw honey during 2016, as demand for the honey grows. 
Currently available online at www.haughtonhoney.com or at food festivals attended by Haughton Honey, the large tub is expected to be rolled out to many of the almost 100 independent stores, delis, farm shops and garden centres across the North West and Midlands regions, as well as Booths stores, which stock the brand.
The all-natural product is brilliant for baking, stirring into hot drinks or porridge, or as a topping on toast, crumpets and muffins. Hay fever sufferers swear by a spoonful of honey a day to ward of some of the more unpleasant symptoms of the condition. 
Earlier this year, the company staged a successful crowdfunding appeal to help support its expansion plans, raising more than £112,000 in investments.
A 340g jar of Haughton Honey costs £5.95, with a 900g tub priced at £12.95 online.
Visit www.haughtonhoney.com for more details.
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