30g and 90g bags of Cheggs chocolate eggs
Snack brand Salty Dog has unveiled its first key confectionery product with the launch of Cheggs – tasty bite-sized chocolate eggs.

The candy coated solid chocolate eggs are available in two different pack sizes, 30g and 90g, and are perfect for retail, food service and travel catering operators.

Suitable for vegetarians, Cheggs are designed to appeal to both adults and children.

The Salty Dog brand, alongside the Darling Spuds brand, is created and run by husband and wife team Dave and Judy Willis, well known for their range of snacks, which include crisps, nuts, popcorn, cheddary biscuit bites and Gruntled Pork Crackling.

With a strong pedigree in the sector behind them, the launch of Cheggs is the first major sweet confectionery snack unveiled by the brand, based in Chesham, Buckinghamshire.  

“I love candy coated chocolate eggs, and Cheggs seemed a natural extension to our brand,” said Judy. “It’s a lively, fun confectionery product, which builds on the reputation and range that we’ve created over more than 13 years in the snack sector.”

Available from November 2016, the launch of Cheggs is perfectly timed for retailers and food service operators planning their Easter range. They come in shelf ready packaging and clipstrips are offered for the 90g packs.

RRP for the 30g pack is 50p and £1.20 for the 90g pack. 
Cheggs are available from Chiltern Snacks – telephone 01494 776006 or visit www.chilternsnacks.co.uk.

Visit website for more details www.cheggseggs.com
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