Focus partner Jason Redfearn
The teams at Focus Consultants have cemented their commitment to high environmental standards by achieving an internationally recognised environmental management accreditation.
The Leicester office of Focus has become the latest of the Focus offices to be awarded ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and follows the Nottingham and Boston offices, which also recently gained the standard.
The firm’s ECS Team, which provides energy and sustainability services, operates out of the Focus office in Leicester, based at Meridian Business Park.  
Focus Partner Jason Redfearn, who leads the ECS team, said: “We are pleased to add Leicester to the offices which operate ISO 14001; this continues our drive to minimise the impact of Focus’s business operation on the environment.”
ISO 14001 is an internationally recognised environmental management standard to manage the immediate and long-term environmental impacts of an organisation’s operation and services. 
The cornerstone behind the standard is the minimisation of a company’s environmental footprint.
Focus has always promoted sustainable development through its commissions, using its team of qualified professionals to provide cost-effective solutions for regulation compliance, energy reduction or to meet carbon objectives.  
The ECS team provides regulation compliance services such as SAP and SBEM, and assessor services for HQM, CODE, BREEAM. Its air testing services continue to expand.
Focus Consultants, which has its headquarters at Phoenix Business Park in Nottingham, offers a range of support on all aspects of sustainable development, as well as services in funding and economic development, project management and building surveying.
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