Terry O’Mahony
Business professionals are being urged to treat their business growth aspirations the way they treat their fitness programmes – and hire themselves a personal trainer/business growth coach.
Terry O’Mahony, who runs the East Midlands-based Construction Leaders Club, says that small business coaching helps small business owners reach their targets in just the same way as a personal trainer helps fitness fans to meet their physical goals.
“Many people have personal trainers at the gym or fitness club, who coach them in the best ways to get the most out of their workout,” said Terry. “Yet small business owners sometimes forget that they can do the same in their business life and hire a coach to help them make the most of their role and the businesses they run or own.
“As someone who has worked in the construction sector all my life, my mission is to get the whole construction industry coached because it can lead to tremendous benefits for business, the construction industry and society at large.”
Terry established The Construction Leaders Club in Nottingham four years ago as a networking and business growth organisation supporting businesses and individuals related to or associated with the UK construction industry.
As a business growth and development coach, he has worked with many professionals to develop their skills, and he believes business coaching can help with problem solving, overcoming challenges, client retention, building a dream team, generating additional revenue and implementing positive changes.
“I work with small business owners, primarily associated with the construction industry, who want to grow and develop themselves and their businesses. I only coach small business owners who are already successful but who want to get to the next level and beyond,” added Terry, who has 40 years in the construction industry operating at every level and at every phase in the construction process.
“The moment I first started coaching, it felt free. I love small business coaching and I love helping people grow, develop and get the results they want. Financially speaking I could retire right now, but I love what I do. I love coaching, learning and training. 
“Imagine this. If every small business owner was doing what they loved to do and what they were meant to do and were operating from their strengths, they would all be more successful, effective and profitable.”
The Construction Leaders Club was recently recognised for its high professional standards by the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) by becoming what is believed to be the only business growth, leadership and management development organisation for the construction industry to be awarded the new Chartered Building Consultancy status.
The next Construction Leaders Club networking events take place on 13th April and 11th May at The Grill at Twenty Five, 25 Bostock’s Lane, Long Eaton, near Nottingham. For more details or to book, or to find out about the small business coaching offered by CLC, visit http://www.constructionleadersclub.com/ 
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