Experts at Focus Consultants are project managing the biggest exhibition about the Sun that has ever been staged.

The team has been appointed as project manager, contract administrator, quantity surveyor and principal designer for the exhibition, which will open on 6th October at the Science Museum in London.

The Sun: Living With Our Star will include spectacular interactive experiences and unique artefacts that explore our relationship with the Sun.

The exhibition, which runs until 6th May 2019, is the third exhibition opening that Focus has been involved in at the Science Museum, which welcomes more than 3 million visitors every year.

Partner at Focus Consultants, Ellie Clarke, said: “The Sun is our closest star and has a huge impact on the way in which we live – giving enormous scope for this exhibition. Focus Consultants has worked with the Science Museum for some time now on a range of exhibitions and we are incredibly proud to be project managing this one, which is the biggest exhibition about the Sun that has ever been held.”

Focus, which is based in Nottingham and has offices in London, Leicester, Newark and Boston in Lincolnshire, offers a range of services to the museum, arts and heritage sector, and has worked with many of the key London museums, as well as those across the UK.

Ian Blatchford, Director of the Science Museum, said: “Since people first looked up at the sky the Sun has been a source of fascination, awe and inspiration and I am sure that this exhibition will delight, inspire and amaze visitors of all ages when it opens in October. The Sun: Living With Our Star will take people on a richly visual and action-packed adventure filled with remarkable stories, people and artefacts. I would like to thank our sponsor and all our partners for making this exhibition possible.”

From beautiful early Nordic Bronze Age artefacts that reveal ancient beliefs of how the Sun was transported across the sky, to details of upcoming NASA and ESA solar missions, the exhibition at the Science Museum will chart humankind’s dependence upon and everchanging understanding of our star.

Animations, archive recordings and film will bring to life a unique collection of scientific instruments, technological innovations and historic artefacts from both the Science Museum collection and other important institutions around the world.

The Sun: Living With Our Star is sponsored by Airbus. The exhibition will open on Saturday 6 October 2018 and tickets are available now. For further information visit

For more details about Focus Consultants, which offers a range of other services in addition to work within the museum, arts and heritage sector, visit

Coronal mass ejection from the Sun, image courtesy of NASASDO and the AIA, EVE and HMI science teams.