French pâtissier Tipiak has committed to using Fairtrade chocolate and free-range eggs in its sweet and savoury pâtisserie.

The ingredients switch has been made as part of the foodservice provider’s pledge to boost the ethical credentials of its authentic ‘thaw and serve’ products.

All chocolate used in Tipiak’s sweet products is now Fairtrade, while all products made with egg now contain free-range eggs.

Marie-Emmanuelle Chessé, international development project manager at Tipiak, said: “We regularly look at the recipes and ingredients of our sweet and savoury pâtisserie to see if we can improve them in any way.

“I am delighted to announce that Tipak is now solely using Fairtrade chocolate in all chocolate products and that we have committed to using only free-range eggs in anything that is made using egg.

“This is a positive move for our customers, who can promote the fact that we have updated and improved our ingredients to their own customers.”

Tipiak specialises in exquisitely French sweet and savoury pâtisserie, supplied frozen to the UK food service sector via frozen food distributor Central Foods.

Its range includes petits fours, gluten-free macarons and a selection of different savoury canapés. Tipiak’s ‘thaw and serve’ products are used across the food service sector in a variety of settings including afternoon tea, buffets, wedding, graduation and other event catering, plus as accompaniments to hot beverages and as light desserts.

Its macarons are made to a traditional French recipe and are gluten free – making them suitable for coeliac customers and those who avoid gluten.

Products available in the UK which now feature Fairtrade chocolate include chocolate macarons (one of the flavours in the French macarons selection), chocolate heart-shaped macarons (which feature in the heart-shaped macarons alongside strawberry heart-shaped macarons) and chocolate petits fours in the Classic French petits fours selection.

Savoury range items that now include free-range egg include traditional Chicago canapés, Provencal bistro canapés and luxury temptation canapés, while the sweet pâtisserie products containing free-range egg include French macarons, pop macarons fruits and the heart-shaped macarons, plus the classic French petits fours.

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