Nottingham-based construction specialists, Clegg Group, has partnered with Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust as part of its commitment to the environment and sustainability, making nature part of its business with mutual benefits to both parties.

Clegg Group is proud to announce that it has become a Business Partner of the charity, which is the leading wildlife conservation charity working to protect and enhance the wildlife and habitats of Nottinghamshire.

Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust, based at the Old Ragged School in Brook Street, Nottingham, has charitable aims to protect Nottinghamshire’s wildlife, restore biodiversity, and inspire people about the natural world. One of their goals is for at least 30% of land to be connected and protected for nature’s recovery by 2030. The charity states that 30% is the bare minimum that nature needs to start recovering and that we are far short of this currently.

The sponsorship for the partnership has come from Clegg Group’s Charity Fund – used to support local worthy causes and aligns with the Group’s aim of promoting environmental sustainability, protecting wildlife, and promoting health and well-being.

Mark Hyde, business development manager at Clegg Construction, which is part of Clegg Group, and is also a trustee of Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust, said: “One of the Trust’s aims is to inspire at least one in four people in Nottinghamshire to take action for wildlife, at home, at work, at school or in their neighbourhood. We are delighted that Clegg Group has become a Business Partner of the Trust, helping to raise awareness of the Trust and its aims, and to offer support for the charity.

“Clegg Group is a Nottingham-based company, working in the county as well as further afield, and many of our team also live here. As such, we’re keen to do our bit to help protect nature and our local environment, as well as support important good causes like Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust. Being a trustee of Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust is a privilege and something I enjoy, and I am very pleased that Clegg Group is also now getting involved formally to support this very worthwhile charity.”

As part of the partnership with Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust, there will be opportunities for Clegg Group staff to get involved in various initiatives around environmental sustainability, protecting wildlife and health and well-being promotion.

Making nature part of your business and connecting staff to nature and wildlife can support to inspire them and their families to make a real difference to the natural world and bring about a Wilder Nottinghamshire. Evidence shows that people experiencing a thriving, wildlife-rich environment benefits both their physical and mental health, and that with nature on their doorstep people are more active, mentally resilient and have better all-round health.

Emily Patrick, Business Partnerships Lead at Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust, commented: “We are thrilled to have the support of local businesses like Clegg Group who want to see change in Nottinghamshire. Without the support of our business partners, volunteers and members we wouldn’t be able to make the impact we do for wildlife.”

June brings a great opportunity for any business, community or individual to take part in 30 Days Wild, The Wildlife Trusts’ annual challenge event, where everyone involved does one wild thing a day throughout the month of June.

For further information about Business Partnerships, go online to or contact Emily Patrick, Business Partnership Lead at

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