A series of free online support sessions for businesses in Boston, East Lindsey and South Holland is now under way.

PAB Sema4 is running the funded workshops, which are designed to equip local businesses in these areas of Lincolnshire with the skills and knowledge needed to navigate and thrive in a competitive market.

By participating, they will gain valuable insights into effective communication, cultural awareness, and community engagement, all of which are essential for business growth and development.

The workshops are part of a broader initiative to boost economic growth and community development in the region, funded by the South & East Lincolnshire Councils Partnership (SELCP) People & Skills Programme via the UK Shared Prosperity Fund (UKSPF).

The following Global Gateway Training workshops have now been arranged and are being delivered online for ease of access:

  • Tuesday 18th June at 10am – Workplace Communication Training, which aims to foster an inclusive and effective communication environment, enhancing team collaboration and productivity in a culturally diverse workplace.
  • Wednesday 26th June at 10am – Website and Content Localisation, training which will provide strategies to effectively adapt digital content for international audiences, ensuring messages are culturally relevant and accurate, which enhances global brand appeal and market penetration.
  • Thursday 27th June at 10am – Sales Communication Training, focusing on learning how to effectively communicate across diverse cultural backgrounds, increasing the potential for successful market expansion and improved client relationships in new geographical markets.
  • Tuesday 2nd July at 10am – Build Real Relationships in your Community and learn how to effectively engage with members of your community.
  • Thursday 4th July at 10am – Multicultural Marketing for Community Engagement, which concentrates on learning to connect authentically with diverse communities through targeted marketing strategies that reflect cultural sensitivities and preferences.

Almost 50 individuals took part in the first series of Global Gateway Training sessions, which received excellent feedback.

Now PAB Sema4 – an organisation dedicated to helping businesses thrive in global markets by providing a suite of services designed to enhance cross-border communications – is urging other companies to get involved to reap the benefits of the fully funded training.

Eligible companies interested in attending can sign up here https://www.pabsema4.co.uk/sign-up-for-global-gateway

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