A new scheme by PAB Sema4 is getting underway to help bolster the Lincolnshire economy by supporting businesses to flourish internationally.

Boston-based PAB Sema4 has been awarded UK Shared Prosperity Fund and Rural England Prosperity Fund (UKSPF/REPF) funding to launch its Global Gateway Programme.

It is free, funded support for businesses in Boston, East Lindsey, and South Holland and is designed to boost economic growth and community development.

Intercultural Communication Trainer and Advisor at PAB Sema4, Iwona Lebiedowicz, said: “We are delighted to offer this exciting programme of courses for professionals, giving them the opportunity to harness the latest research, innovation and thinking that the PAB Sema4 team has to offer. Across the UK, many people work in cross-cultural settings, engaging with remote or international teams. However, the messages we send are not always the messages received, as national culture influences our thoughts, behaviours, and communication methods.

“Cultural preferences also shape how we manage people and negotiate deals. Our programme addresses these challenges, equipping people with the skills to manage, negotiate, and build impactful relationships across varied cultural and social contexts, which is essential for success in today’s global organisations.”

The UK Shared Prosperity Fund (UKSPF) is the government’s domestic replacement for the European Structural and Investment Programme (ESIF). It provides funding for communities, places, businesses, people and skills. The Rural Prosperity Fund supports investment opportunities in rural areas.

The Global Gateway project, delivered by PAB Sema4 across Boston, East Lindsey and South Holland, aims to provide a structured programme supporting the development of entrepreneurship and upskilling employees of larger businesses to engage with export and international markets, drawing participants from people in employment in food processing, logistics, social care and e-commerce.

The majority of the funding has been awarded through the ‘Communities and Place’ and ‘Supporting Local Business’ areas of focus, targeting those aiming to have a positive, meaningful impact on communities in Boston, East Lindsey and South Holland, as well as those looking to support local businesses to develop and create jobs in the area.

Nicola Dicker, Contract Manager for the South East Lincolnshire Councils Partnership working in the UKSPF Team, said: “I am really looking forward to working with Iwona and PAB on their project aimed to help people expand their skills to enable their business to expand into the international market by enhancing their digital and cross-cultural communication. We are looking forwarding to seeing the results achieved using UKSPF funds for people and skills.”

All businesses face a set of challenges and becoming culturally competent in a globalised, world can open new markets and networks, promote mutual enrichment, and improve productivity and efficiency, added Iwona.

E-commerce & Marketing Specialist Advisor at PAB Sema4, Nigel Garner, said: “Leveraging a rich foundation of academic insight, hands-on expertise, and cross-disciplinary research, this programme is designed to equip people with practical competencies required to excel in the international arena. Ideal for professionals overseeing multicultural teams within logistics or manufacturing, those immersed in the intricacies of sales and marketing, or navigating the complexities of international markets, Global Gateway offers strategies and tools to enhance effectiveness in a global setting.”

The Global Gateway Programme has been developed for a broad spectrum of individuals who are navigating the complexities of an interconnected world. This course is ideal for:

  • organisations that encompass multiple cultures, languages, or national borders, seeking to enhance their cross-cultural navigation skills
  • those who regularly interact or collaborate with colleagues and stakeholders from different countries
  • managers and leaders responsible for culturally diverse teams
  • individuals aiming to elevate their engagement with international customers, enhancing customer satisfaction and driving success in global markets.

The programme promises a comprehensive exploration into the dynamics of global interactions, offering participants the tools and insights needed to thrive in an increasingly globalised professional landscape. Whether  looking to enhance intercultural communication skills, lead diverse teams with confidence, or expand a global customer base, the Global Gateway Programme offers a strategic pathway to achieving goals with inclusivity and effectiveness. The programme content is highly applicable to the workplace, addressing internal and external communication, marketing, management, and leadership skills.

PAB Sema4 is a package of services to support businesses seeking to export, increase exports and expand overseas. It provides a range of export support services, including specialist market research, localisation services, multilingual virtual secretary services and trade mission assistance.

The Global Gateway Programme starts in May 2024.

For more information and registration details, visit https://www.pabsema4.co.uk/about-global-gateway

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